Marri Timber

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Marri is a distinctive blood wood native to WA.It is a adaptable tree that grows in both Jarrah and Karri forrest.Marri timber is featured in modern house hold furniture.The Marri timber is a honey coloured and has a unique vein structure which makes handsome flooring.The Marri timber is high in gum resulting in low recovery rate of first grade timber.

The hardness of Marri is 7.1KN.


  • Premium European coating.
  • Genuine Australian species top layer.
  • Stability enhancing plywood base.
  • Strong suitability to the Australian environment.
  • Engineered flooring method minimizes use of natural resources and maximizes installation versatility.
  • UV cured finish is easily maintained and hard wearing at the same time.

Product Details

Blackbutt Simply Timber
Manjimup Jarrah, Margaret River Marri, NSW Blackbutt, WA Blackbutt, Queensland Spotted Gum
European made Treffert Lacquer
Satin finish
Square edge





Dimensions vary between board colours


  • Tongue and Groove
  • Contact Simply Bamboo for a professional installation