Bamboo is a product that does not diminish our hardwood forests, that take decades even generations to grow to a maturity which is old enough to manufacture and produce timber.

By choosing bamboo you not only help preserve natural habitats of the planets endangered wildlife, you also reduce your carbon footprint as bamboo is a giant grass.

No natural hardwood has been used in making our bamboo flooring and bamboo furniture.

There are over 11 thousand species of bamboo, some of which are only suitable for bamboo flooring and bamboo furniture. The particular bamboo we use is called Mao and it is one of hundreds not consumed by the Panda.
The bamboo we choose to use is only harvested from controlled forests and does not disturb the natural surroundings in its growing process. It is no secret that natural old growth timber forests are being rapidly consumed globally. This not only accelerates the deterioration of our local environments, but also the earth's climate patterns.

Environmentally friendly flooring such as bamboo is a new product for the 2000's, and is a naturally beautiful and a durable alternative to our limited global supply of hardwood. It is comparable in strength to northern red oak and possesses similar hardness to that of maple, yet is remarkably stable with 50% less contraction and expansion. Bamboo is a grass and like grass it has a short growth cycle of approximately five years, depending on the variety of bamboo. Bamboo is truly nature's renewable resource, unlike hardwood with a growth cycle of 3 or 4 times longer.

But perhaps most importantly, beyond its durability and abundance, is its beauty!

The rich warm tones of the carbonized caramel colour or the stunning natural hues of the neutral blonde colour including the natural beautiful growth patterns, grains, and growth joints, inherent only in bamboo, make it truly a product that enriches the environment and value of any commercial, residential, or product application.

Ancient cultures of the world have used bamboo in their everyday lives from scaffolding in Asia to musical instruments in South America. For centuries locals have recognised bamboos unique qualities such as its extensive root system which grows constantly underground and replenishes itself naturally, just like grass.

On the contrary to popular belief, bamboo is still and if not harder than most hardwoods. Believe it or not, bamboo has a higher tensile strength than steel.

At Simply Bamboo we offer a range of quality prefininshed bamboo flooring at competitive prices. Our Vertical and Horizontal board are 1850x96x15 in dimension and is closely compared to the hardness of Tasmanian Oak, whereas our Woven/Compressed board is harder than your traditional Jarrah and Marri.

Bamboo flooring is environmentally friendly and will enhance the look of any room in your home or office.

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