The Engineered compressed bamboo flooring is also known as woven or strand by other Bamboo Suppliers in Perth.

There are varying opinions on these two boards, so let me set you straight.....

Simply Bamboo is the only company in Perth who imports both boards.

Both boards are ideal for the Australian climate, providing they have been manufactured to a quality standard and the moisture content has been tested in accordance with the environmental requirements of Australia. Australia, unlike the US or Europe, has different moisture requirements compared to other parts of the world.

As we import both styles of boards, being the engineered and solid compressed, both are tested to ensure they have acceptable levels of moisture, being between 8 -10%, before they are even imported to us in Australia.

The solid compressed board is exported worldwide and it is also very popular with countries like the US, Canada, parts of Europe and the UK.

The Engineered Compressed board is structurally a very strong board and is the strongest of the 2 options. The cross section layer is designed to keep the board flat and withstand moisture better. However, if the subfloor is not treated with a barrier/primer and there is an issue with the moisture the board will eventually cup. The same as the solid is exposed to high levels of moisture from the substrate.

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