The Spotted Gum tree is native to Western and South Australia as well as New South Wales and Victoria. Known for its striking appearance and strength, it is ideal for a variety of interior, exterior and structural applications.

Spotted Gum timber places at a hardness of 11.0KN on the Janka scale and spans a life of 40+ years. Its natural durability makes it ideal for a number of applications from wharf and bridge construction, railway sleepers and post and poles in building to decking, cladding and flooring.

It is a very popular choice for flooring due to its attractive markings and vibrant and diverse colour palette. With colours ranging from light greens to light browns all the way through to deep dark red-brown hues, intertwined with a wavy grain pattern and accompanied by a beautiful stain and polish, you will be unable to do anything but sit back and marvel at the magnificence of your Spotted Gum timber flooring.

Spotted gum timber floorboards are available at Simply Bamboo, you timber flooring supplier in Perth.

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