Most home pads in Perth have an average moisture content of around 10-14%. It is important to test, as some homes especially new concrete pads can have a high moisture content.

Moisture Barrier Primer protects the flooring from any moisture that may be present in the subfloor from rising into the floor laid on top.

It also acts as a Primer which penetrates into the subfloor acting as a anchor enabling better adhesion between the concrete and the floor boards.

Sika, a renowned international adhesives company whose products we only use, state that regardless a subfloor is 1 year, 10 years or 100 years old the MB Primer should be applied.

At Simply Bamboo we include this application upfront and at no extra cost to you.

So you have to ask yourself if another company states you don't need it!!....Why not as they certainly shouldn't or is it a simple case of they don't want to give you something for nothing, where at Simply Bamboo it is an integral part of our quality installation process.

Not to mention peace of mind for both ourselves and the customer that the floor should never lift and your job is not subject to a site moisture test and further hidden costs.

Moisture Barrier Primer is not just applicable to concrete surfaces as it also can be used on particle boards surfaces binding the fibres together to make it aqua tight and suitable for our preferred direct stick installation method.

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