The Jarrah is a highly sought after tree, popular as timber flooring, native to the south-western corner of Western Australia. It is renowned for its strength, it’s durability and it’s very rich colour.

Jarrah timber, with a Janka hardness rating of 8.5KN, is very strong, possessing a number of desirable qualities. It is highly resistant to decay and insect infestation as well as being highly resistant to fire and water damage, making it quite suitable for outdoor as well as indoor uses. This along with its versatility allows it to be used for everything from railway sleepers, fencing and outdoor furniture to joinery and cabinet making.

Though it’s strength and durability are a strong point for Jarrah timber, its aesthetic beauty is what makes it stand out the most. Boasting colours ranging from deep reds to exquisite browns that are guaranteed to bring an exceptional warmth and glow to your home. With attractive grain patterns that are normally straight but sometimes interlock, you can be assured of an impressive view of your timber flooring after a good stain and polish.

Jarrah timber floorboards are available at Simply Bamboo, you timber flooring supplier in Perth.

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