How long have you been in business?


Simply Bamboo has been in the flooring and timber trade since 2004, we officially opened our Malaga showroom in 2005. We are now entering our 10th year in the industry.


What warranty do you have with your Bamboo Flooring?


All flooring, supplied and installed by Simply Bamboo, comes with a Lifetime warranty.

Please note: Our warranty is not a factory warranty. Factory warranties from China aren`t worth the paper they are written on, and you are far better being covered when the flooring company warrants their product direct with you.


Will your company be around in the next ten years if I have a problem?


To be honest, no company can guarantee that they will be in business within in a set amount of time. However, we are coming up to our 10th year in the industry and are still going strong, having survived the global financial crisis, unlike some organisations. Our survival, through the global financial crisis, is wholly credited to our stability and reputation in the industry.