Will the colour change over time?


Yes! Extreme exposure from the sun can alter the shade of the bamboo flooring.

For example, if there is a mat on a section of bamboo flooring which has extreme exposure to the sun (without any protection), after sometime the mat is lifted and will leave a noticeable difference in appearance from the exposed and unexposed bamboo flooring.

However, this is an extreme circumstance. Your bamboo flooring throughout the home may slightly darken or lighten, but the difference will not be noticeable by the naked eye.


How is the Natural and Coffee colour made in the bamboo flooring?


The natural bamboo colour is basically the original colour of bamboo in its raw form. The coffee colours are achieved, during carbonisation, in the manufacturing process of the bamboo product. Carbonisation involves placing the bamboo strips into a large heating machine where it is steamed and treated, altering the appearance of the colour to that of light or dark brown shades.


Is carbonized bamboo softer than natural bamboo?


Yes! The carbonisation process darkens the bamboo and can also soften the product to some extent. However, comparing the hardness from the natural colour is almost insignificant.